OICM Président

The space of dialogue and exchange, like the one offered each year by the African associations that are members of Fidic, is a privileged moment of cordiality that perpetuates the essential virtues of the Consulting Engineers: the search for the well-being of our populations .

It is with sincere enthusiasm and a pleasure to the measure of the event that Mali through the OICM, will host from 06 to 09 May 2018, the 25th annual conference of Fidic-Gama.

With happiness and honor, Bamako, the capital of the Republic of Mali, will wear the colors of progress, since the annual Fidic-Gama conference also means openness to the scientific, technical and technological world, mutual enrichment and non-withdrawal.

In a world increasingly weakened by global warming on the one hand, and the scarcity of natural resources on the other, there is a new Africa with more than 4 billion souls by 2040. To tell you how well the demands of every order to fill are many.

The issues of energy, land and water management, development of agriculture and transport infrastructure, training and capacity-building, etc., are among others the challenges we face And will face for a long time yet.

In the happy context of our 25th annual Fidic-Gama 2018 conference, I would like us to be able to genuinely measure the expectations of our populations through our creative and above all anticipatory minds, in order to find solutions to meet the challenges I am facing listed.

Therefore, I hope that the discussions around the central theme of the 25th Annual FIDIC-GAMA Conference (Aligning the Consulting Engineer’s Role to the vision of Africa Infrastructure Development in Africa) will allow us to visualize a great perspective to develop our continent, with the Consulting Engineers as the engine

It is on this note of hope that I wish you a cordial welcome to Mali, African land of a legendary hospitality.

Aw bissimila.

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