Objective of the conference

The three-day FIDIC-GAMA Conference will be held under the central theme: “Aligning the Consulting Engineer’s Role to the Vision of Africa’s Infrastructure Development”.
Throughout the conference, other themes will address the challenges and the best practices for the Infrastructure Development in Africa, the progress through Infrastructure Investment, African Integration and the Transnational Infrastructure Programs in Mining, Energy, Water, Sanitation, Environment and Sustainable Development.

Who should attend ?​

  • Consulting engineers
  • Funding agencies
  • Government officials
  • Contractors
  • Investors and Other stakeholders in the built-environment from the public and private sectors
  • State Owned Entities
  • Suppliers of construction equipment and materials

Call for Papers

The theme of the event is “Aligning the Consulting Engineer’s Role to the Vision of Africa’s Infrastructure Development” and is expected to attract delegates from around the world.

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Conference Topics

Importance of the consulting engineer's input in the formulation of policies for infrastructure development in Africa.

"Current and future impact and role of the LOCAL consulting engineers in infrastructure development in Africa".

Opportunities for collaboration amongst consulting engineers in Africa in Africa's infrastructure development {Getting ready for regional/cross border infrastructure projects in Africa}.

Capacity building and evolution of skills / technology for maximization of the consulting engineer's impact in infrastructure development in Africa.

Opportunities available to access different types and sources of funding for infrastructure development in Africa

Contribution of African engineering in the realization of intelligent and resilient to the climate change infrastructures (Buildings, water, energy, transport, and mining)

How to integrate the African infrastructures in the great strategies of socio-economic investment and fight against poverty

Governance and development of the Consulting industry in Africa


Opportunities are available for a wide range of sponsorships and exhibitions.

List of confirmed Sponsors

Strategic Partner

The conference will be held in a 5-Star hotel with a high level of security. Bamako is considered a safe destination. Several major big events have recently taken place in the city including the Invest Mali forum, the 12th edition of FEBAK , and the Afrique – France Summit, attended by over 2000 high ranked officials including France President Francois Hollande and over 20 African Presidents. Be assured that all security measures will be taken to ensure your safety. All official Forum sites at which attendees are present will be under the constant protection of the Malian authorities.

A medical service will be available to attendees. This will be open throughout the Conference and will include emergency care and medical assistance. Yellow fever vaccine is required for people entering Mali. You will be asked to show your international vaccination certificate upon entry into the country.

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