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About FIDIC-GAMA Conference

The FIDIC- GAMA Annual Conference is one of the biggest networking events for Consulting Engineers and their clients who are the private and public sector in the African diaspora, attracting engineering practitioners, built environment professionals, governments, state owned entities, property developers, funding agencies, contractors and suppliers to our industry from at least 16 countries across the Continent. It further serves as an excellent platform for likeminded people across the globe, to join in the pursuit of African Partnerships for mutual benefit in a win – win collaboration of interests.

The three-day FIDIC-GAMA Conference bring together over 200 delegates from across Africa and the rest of the world under a chosen theme:
2018 Theme:

Aligning the Consulting Engineer’s Role to the Vision of Africa’s Infrastructure Development

2017 Theme:

2017 Theme: African Partnerships For Sustainable Growth

2016 Theme:

Engineering for the Challenges of Climate Change

FIDIC is the International Federation of Consulting Engineers founded in 1913 with one of its objective being to “Promote and assist the worldwide development of viable consulting engineering industries”.

FIDIC Member Associations are grouped by regions. In Africa the Group is known as GAMA or Group of African Member Associations. Established more than two decades ago, GAMA has been growing steadily. Membership now stands at 16 national member associations.

GAMA Member Countries

Morocco | Tunisia| Egypt | Sudan | Mali| Ghana | Nigeria | Uganda | Kenya | Tanzania | Zambia | Malawi | Mozambique | Zimbabwe | Botswana | South Africa.

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