2018 Metropolis Annual Meeting – Gauteng province

In August 2018, the Gauteng Provincial Government will host leaders from across the world at the Metropolis Annual Meeting 2018. Mayors from 137 cities across the world will convene to discuss the elements, policies, processes and practices necessary to build inclusive cities at the Sandton Convention Centre 26-28 August 2018 under the theme “Inclusive Metropolitan Cities and City Regions”. In addition, African mayors representing UCLGA, will meet to launch the Forum of African Metropolises and discuss the role of African cities in the World Association of Major Metropolises.
The 2018 Metropolis Annual Meeting takes as a starting point the following definitions to develop the contents of its programme:

Metropolitan city: understood as a territory consisting of a densely populated urban core and its less-populated surrounding territories, sharing industries, infrastructure and housing

City region: a term used since about 1950 by urbanists, economists and urban planners to mean a metropolitan area and hinterland, often having a shared administration

Metropolitan cities and city regions across the world experience challenges such as:
Unemployment, poverty and underdevelopment
Lack of planning, alignment and integration across spheres
Translating economic growth into employment growth
Strengthening institutional capacity across all spheres to ensure improved service delivery and reduced inequalities
Ongoing divide between the first and second economy
Forging stronger links with the region and continent
The 2018 Metropolis Annual Meeting proposes to generate answers in the resolution of these challenges, promoting debates of how metropolises can stimulate investments, build networks, develop and implement initiatives that create an advanced economy for all to benefit from.

Spatial & Environmental Justice
Social Inclusion
Economic Inclusion
Inclusive Governance
Insofar as is possible, sessions will be balanced in terms of gender representation, regional and political-technical diversity.


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